Juggling For Jesus

Unto The Heavens Author Photo reduced
 Terry with some of the tools of his trade.


JFJ is a humor-and-juggling Christian ministry program designed for the entertainment of either senior-living facility residents or church students in the north Atlanta metro area.

The forty-to-forty-five minute performance is neither about the modest juggling skills of a balding, vision-impaired senior citizen and grandfather of seven, nor about the humorous and interactive banter of a former advertising entrepreneur, but is a simple and engaging message of encouragement in–and appreciation of–the life with which we are all blessed.

Its program fee of  $50 (note that I am currently on hiatus with respect to this program) includes a complimentary autographed copy of one of Terry’s ten published books (seven Christian novels and three nonfiction Christian narratives), each of which can be previewed on this web site’s Books page. (dodd@bellsouth.net)

Cumming Manor says . . . “Terry has three times entertained our assisted-living residents with his delightful presentation.”     –C. R., Activities Director

NOTE: Terry is currently on hiatus with respect to accepting new JFJ invitations.

3 Responses to Juggling For Jesus

  1. Merisa Davis says:

    Hey Bro Terry I want to ask you to perform at our Grand opening Celebration on
    Saturday Aug 17th @12:00N Please save that date & give me a call

    Merisa Davis

  2. Doug Jamieson says:

    Hi Terry, We met at the Atlanta Writers Club recently and I bought a copy of Journey With Outstretched Hands. We’ve been reading early chapters and I’m certain you would be a hit juggling at an upcoming Family Fun Day at Briarcliff Baptist. Please write or call and let’s see what we can work out.

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