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If you are not familiar with my books, that is quite understandable. According to Prairie Home Companion author and humorist, Garrison Keillor, I am one of those who fit into a literary category he humorously describes as “the 18 million self-published authors in America, each with 14 readers, eight of whom are blood relatives and have average annual earnings of $1.75.”

However, Keillor also light-heartedly laments that self-publishing marks the end of an era in book publishing, along with its tortured geniuses. I don’t argue with some of his facts, but I do take exception to his seeming position that only celebrated writers have the right to take satisfaction from their writing efforts. :-)

Although I spent the latter half of my business career as an independent manufacturer’s representative in the least known, but most commonly used medium of advertising in this country, my outside interest has always been writing. I have not written and self-published any of my 15 books with the expectation of actually making a profit, although that would be welcome. Each of the stories in my books wanted to be told, although for different reasons.

For example, in the process of writing my second novel—The Foursome—while still a Christian skeptic, research led me to read the Bible through in order to intellectually understand the born-again faith of the story’s believer. In that process God revealed Himself to me (see my Personal Testimony page). Thus, at age fifty-eight I began following a calling to write Christian books exclusively, some narratives and some novels with genres ranging from  faith and marriage to historical fiction and even science fiction.

Keillor’s “tortured American genius writers”  will not be in danger of having to share in their martyrdom! I am willing to bet, however, that there is at least one would-be writer in Keillor’s imaginative Lake Wobegon who is aching to share with his family and a dozen friends a written and self-published tale about the record Walleyed Pike he nearly caught and ate.