Book Clubs


As you and your book club or small church group decide on your next read or study, consider the range and appeal of Terry Dodd’s books, including the following features of various titles:

  • Historical fiction (Ancestors)
  • Inspirational journey (Life’s Toughest Lessons); replete with many issues beyond its true love story
  • Inspirational fiction  (The Seeker); a fictional love story with compelling lessons about both faith and marriage
  • Science fiction (three stand-alone novels : Mirror Magic, Ultimate Encounter, and Unto the Heavens); numerous story-line subjects for discussion
  • Christian golf novel (The Foursome); a Christian apologetic actually played out (pardon the pun) on the golf links

. . . and then there are these additional considerations for your choices:

  • Author is a reasonably true southern writer (you know, 35+ years of southern living!)
  • All books with underlying Christian themes
  • Potential for author to speak to your group (sorry, limited to the North Atlanta metro area)
  • Special Bonus Book Club Offer (see below)

Especially consider the following three titles in that they raise many interesting points for book club discussion. Each offers a very different format with respect to man’s relationship with God.  Please see the front covers and additional information about these titles on our Books page, but here are some additional story-line particulars:

ANCESTORS: An historical fiction chronicle of the everyday lives of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and the family of Noah, plus a parallel saga of an average pioneering American family (the author’s own) of the mid 1800’s.

THE SEEKER: An inspirational Christian love story detailing one fictional man’s struggle with both faith and marriage. The ending is both incredibly(author’s adjective) romantic and suspenseful!

LIFE’S TOUGHEST LESSONS: A true inspirational Christian journey (the author’s) seen through a window into two lives in difficulty. God is always to be trusted, even if we don’t understand.

And if you are up for s t r e t c h i n g your mind with science fiction juxtaposed with solid biblical truths, step out with:

ULTIMATE ENCOUNTER: The stand-alone Christian sequel to Uncommon Influence set around the enigma of UFO’s and the U. S. Air Force’s quest for reciprocal communication.  Whether there is intelligent life as we know it on other planets, there remains only One Creator.

UNTO THE HEAVENS: The recently released third stand-alone novel in this trilogy: A provocative metaphor for Earth’s own evils and rejection of the Gospel, but without Christ’s First Coming having yet occurred on the planet Jun’or.

THE FOURSOME: Perhaps the only golf novel ever written to  examine  faith matched against doubt, ignorance and pride. Over the course of an 18-hole round far more than money–or even life-and-death– is at stake in this match.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Foursome is the 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Award winner in the Legacy Fiction category. The U. S. Review says: “Dodd pulls the reader in from page one without being preachy or one-sided, allowing readers to contemplate their own fate. The novel is insightful, all without the reader needing to understand golf.”

MIRROR MAGIC: The most provocative mystery/thriller in years to appeal to seculars and evangelicals alike. It lives up to its subtitle of WARNING: Advertising Can Be Hazardous to Free Will.

Finally, here is our book club special:

As few as five purchases of any one title shipped at the same time to the same address will receive the following:

  • Each book will be signed by the author.
  • If requested, each book will be personalized with the name of the indicated recipient.
  • One e-mailed question about the book’s story (or the author) per each purchased book will receive a personalized e-mailed response.
  • If requested, a short list of suggested thought-provoking discussion questions will also be included with the shipment.
  • See our Books page for pricing. Bulk shipping and handling quoted separately.
  • E-mail your order request ( for prompt  follow-up.